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Cuccio Naturalé™

The brand of choice for luxury spa products for hands, feet, and body.

From our humble beginnings on the famed boardwalk of Venice Beach, California, Cuccio Naturalé’s core principle is that of creating the most unique products with the best available ingredients to give you the experience you deserve. From your initial encounter with our beautifully designed packaging and brand imagery to our fresh and enticing aromatic scents, Cuccio Naturalé™ helps to turn any ordinary manicure, pedicure, or body service into an extraordinary and unforgettable scentual spa experience.

As a beauty industry leader, the Cuccio Naturalé™ brand is represented in 135 countries worldwide, presenting a strong business opportunity that helps set the stage for the development of a firm foundation for you to thrive in, both personally and professionally.

We have created a beautiful, high-quality product line that helps you build your business with confidence, right from the start, making you feel great about your success and your future.

We invite you to join the global Cuccio family and embark on a journey that you will look back on as one of the best decisions you have ever made.


For you and mother nature

Cruelty Free

Plant Derived


Join the global Cuccio family and embark on a journey that you will look back on as one of the best decisions you have ever made.

The Scentual Spa Experience

Nothing says “BELLA” or beautiful more than a celebrated
experience that will continue to bring a soothing tranquility
long after the service is completed and the guest looks
forward to their next visit

Butter Babies & Blends

The professionals’ choice for healthy hydrated hands and body.
Non-oily 24 hour intense hydration with time released emollients
for the softest, hydrated “my skin feels amazing” feeling.

Daily Skin Polisher

A fine, gentle and effective exfoliant with jojoba beads, sugarcane
and walnut powder leaves the skin radiant and hydrated. Can be
washed off or use damp warm towels to remove.

Ingredients approved by

Mother Nature

Cuccio Naturalé™ features the  following irresistible scents “calling out” two beneficial ingredients that naturally together give powerful results to the skin.

  • MILK & HONEY – Soothing & Moisturizing

    • Milk: soothes and softens
      Honey: humectant

  • POMEGRANATE & FIG – Anti-aging & Revitalizing

    • Pomegranate: antioxidant
      Fig: nourishes and moisturizes

  • LAVENDER & CHAMOMILE: Calming and Soothing

    • Lavender: stress relief and moisturizes

      Chamomile: Soothes, antioxidant and moisturizes

  • VANILLA BEAN & SUGAR – Comforting & De-stressing

    • Vanilla Bean: antioxidant

      Sugarcane: moisturizes

  • WHITE LIMETTA & ALOE VERA – Refreshing & Soothing

    • White Limetta: nourishes, refreshes and moisturizes

      Aloe Vera: antioxidant, soothes and moisturizes

  • COCONUT & WHITE GINGER – Energizing & Balancing

    • Coconut: moisturizes and softens

      White Ginger: balances and anti-inflammatory

Experience or offer

World-class Experiences

Whether you are a client longing for a relaxing spa treatment or a beauty professional wanting to offer your clients a word-class service, Cuccio will see to your every need with our extensive range of products and techniques.

At home luxury

Taking care of your body is essential for maintaining your health.  Visiting a beauty salon or spa would be our first choice, but some of us simply cannot afford being pampered by someone, it doesn’t mean we can’t treat ourselves!

Salons and Spa's

At Cuccio we offer salons and spa’s the opportunity to turn a single manicure or pedicure service into 4 potential levels of services offered.  Increasing the number of services offered, will lead to an increase in your turnover!

Training Providers

We offer salons and spa’s the golden opportunity to boost their revenue and contribute to educating the youth with adding services, by providing skills and training to new and upcoming beauty therapists.