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Is it or has it always been your dream to one day be the successful owner of an established business, but this opportunity has not been within your reach as yet?

Cuccio Africa Is Ready To Feed Your Passion!

If you feel passionate about the Beauty Industry, you might want to sit tight and read all about the lucrative business opportunities that Cuccio makes possible.  Our legendary founder, Mr. Tony Cuccio featured in the June 2017 issue of Professional Beauty GCC magazine, where he shared his plan to take the Beauty Industry by storm with Emma Baron.

Cuccio Africa has a passion to assist people to fulfill their lifelong dream of becoming their own boss and not only managing a successful business, but that wanting to add value to the industry!   Let us help you make the move and transform your beauty business with one of the following exclusive beauty business opportunities.

Convert to a Cuccio Salon

Up your service standards and convert to Cuccio today.  The quality of our products will ensure the return of more of your clients.

Join the Cuccio Educators

Why not expand your services and become a Cuccio Educator.  Professional train the trainer opportunities.

Become a Cuccio Reseller

Sell Cuccio products to your clients.  Our beautiful Cuccio displays are designed to catch the eye of any person entering your salon!

Be the next Cuccio Distributor

This opportunity is perfect for those who do not meet the criteria to offer beauty-related services, but can sell ice to an Eskimo!

Get your own Container Salon today!

want your

Own Salon?

No matter where you are or what challenges your area presents, The Beauty Lab Group has you covered.

The Beauty Lab Group has developed an amazing Container Salon concept that operates completely off the grid and would enable salon owners in previously disadvantaged communities to offer a professional service in any area where the container is placed.