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Why everyone is ranting on Amazon about Cuccio Cuticle Oil Milk and Honey



Amazon records


In general Amazon recommends that a product should have 25 reviews before you start optimising advertising. It is not every day that a product gets 80 000 positive reviews on Amazon.

The Cuccio milk and honey cuticle oil is a best selling product (one of 6 best sellers as announced by Amazon) that contains lactic acid which is derived from milk, and refreshes cuticles and nails.

Read the reviews on Amazon here.   There is currently 96,487 ratings | 187 answered questions about Cuccio Naturale Milk & Honey Cuticle Oil on Amazon.  Over 61,000 Amazon shoppers have ordered the Cuccio Naturale Milk and Honey Cuticle Revitalizing Oil and given it a five-star rating, making it a bestseller and the second-highest placement on Amazon’s list of Bestsellers in Cuticle Oils.  

This Cuccio products is well priced, affordable and worth more than you paid, guaranteed!


Milk and Honey Cuticle Oil

Cuccio Naturale Milk & Honey Cuticle Revitalizing Oil

  • It contains high quality cold-pressed oils and added important vitamins that deeply penetrate and hydrate, replenishing and strengthening your cuticles and nails.
  • Developed by artisans and professionals, using milk extracts that soothes and softens the skin, and the honey ensures that the parched skin is hydrated.  Honey is a natural humectant.
  • It is a unique natural blend of rich oils (100% natural oils) that provide protection, nourishing and moisture, perfect for dry, brittle, cracked cuticles, nails, and your skin.
  • It is a natural blend, free of paraben and not tested on animals.  Cuccio supports the Beauty without Bunnies program by PETA, and the products are certified cruelty free.
  • The carefully selected ingredients that contain plant -based preservatives, allows for an experience just like a scentual spa, but in the comfort of your own home, making it a cost-effective treatment.
  • Cuccio Naturale Milk & Honey Cuticle Revitalizing Oil forms part of Cuccio Naturale’s Luxury Spa Products, and other products in the range includes: Scrubs, Whipped Cream, butters and cuticle oils.
  • It contains Sunflower oil.
What South Africa doesn’t know about

Cuccio products   

Buying it from your executive distributor or a Cuccio Professional in South Africa, will save you almost 50%, due to the fact that they do not keep this amazing oil (or other Cuccio products) in stock and order it on a as and when required basis.  Cuccio Africa, keeps stock of all Cuccio Products and you can get your hands on a bottle in 1 to 3 days!

According to Today the Cuccio Cuticle Oil is not only hydrating, and a must have for dry and cracked skin, but it also smells great, and that is a fact!  You should smell it too!

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What is the best

Cuticle Oil (And Do You Really Need One?)

Ladies spend hundreds of rands maintaining that perfect set of freshly done nails, but having dry cuticles can quickly overshadow the beauty of your freshly painted nails.  Having cracked cuticles, has a negative impact on nail growth and overall health, yes Cuticles keeps bacteria out of your nail bed.  So, whether you pay attention to your cuticles, and trim them or not, applying treatment to them at least once a week is recommended by professionals.  

Applying only one drop to the cuticle and gently massaging it into the cuticle, will leave your cuticles looking healthier and your nails feeling stronger.  Apply after soaking your hands in warm water and trimming away excess skin.

One user has commented: “This cuticle oil is of better quality than any I’ve used before,” not greasy at all, is nicely scented and absorbs relatively quickly while still moisturizing the cuticle. Looking forward to purchasing the body oil as well.”  Now that is advised, Milk & Honey Cuticle Revitalizing Oil is most effective when used with the rest of the Milk & Honey line.

Another user went on commenting: “Who knew the secret to beautiful hands is cuticle oil?  I use it every night as part of my routine, and my cuticles and nails both look smoother and less mangled for it.”

Given the rate at which we’re washing and sanitizing our hands, we can use all of the moisture we can get these days. Hand cream is a given, but according to the pros, there’s one thing that’s missing from our daily routines: cuticle oil.

As Deborah Lippmann, a celebrity manicurist (she’s polished everyone from Meryl to Gaga) explains, “Your cuticles protect both the skin barrier and the nails themselves, so it’s important to keep them well-hydrated. Furthermore, healthy cuticles are key to healthy nail growth.”

So, if your nails are feeling brittle and dry or you’re noticing that you’re getting more hangnails than usual, a daily drop of cuticle oil can give you a helping hand.

Cuccio’s cuticle oil it the special treatment that will give you a chance to have dream nails!  You can buy it on Cuccio Africa’s online store!

One reviewer put it best: “I put it on my desk at work with my hand lotion because I work in an office and all the hand washing, typing, paperwork, etc was killer on my hands – lotion alone wasn’t cutting it for me, the oil is a nice fast way to get the extra care my hands need without derailing my day for 20-25 minutes while the oil absorbs.”

Try Cuccio Revitalising Milk and Honey cuticle oil and experience healthier and longer nails!  A big bottle, goes a long way! 


What does cuticle oil do?

At its most basic level, cuticle oil moisturizes your cuticles, the clear skin around your nail bed that can take a beating in cold weather. You know how your cuticles can feel rough, look jagged, and even sport the occasional hangnail? Cuticle oil will be your new best friend. 

But despite its seemingly straightforward name, cuticle oil is a multi-benefit product that contributes to the overall health of your nail. “Cuticle oil is not designed just for the cuticle,” explains Silva Nahabedian, director of education at Dazzle Dry. “It’s also designed to moisturize the nail and keep it flexible and prevent it from becoming brittle, which can lead to breakage.”

Another bonus? When your nails are kept well moisturized and supple, your manicures will last longer, Nahabedian adds. You can even use it on a fresh manicure, notes celebrity nail tech Elle Gersein, once the polish is properly set. “It can help dry or even protect against dents during the drying process,” she explains. 


Yana mentions that she has been dealing with dry cuticles her entire life! 

The turned to Amazon in her search for something that would soothe it and help her bring an end to the painful dryness. 

What the video here, the rest is …



Most customers love the uniquely sleek circular-shaped glass bottle, which is accompanied by a dropper to drop the oil directly on the nail.  Some prefer to put the oil into a travel friendly brush applicator, which you can also buy from Cuccio Africa online.  

So whether you’re preparing for the cold winter air before it wreaks havoc on your cuticles or you’re trying to repair years of nail damage, this highly reviewed oil is the perfect solution.

Sometimes drinking milk is not enough, it is also beneficial to use topically for healthy skin. Milk contains an enzyme called lactic acid. The blend of vitamin A & D and lactic acid in milk is great for softening the skin’s texture & evening the skin’s tone. While working simultaneously in the same formula, honey adds a variety of flavonoids and phenolic acids that act as antioxidants to help combat free radicals. 

Incorporating Milk & Honey into a service not only nurtures the skin but also aromatically plays a beneficial role in your clients’ experience. The allurement of the scent evokes a comforting relaxing state of mind, encompassing a true mind, body and soul spa experience.  

Cuccio recommends using this cuticle as part of your manicure services, as it adds a necessary soft touch to the manicure.  Cuccio Naturale™ continues our company’s 30 year tradition of only offering clients the highest quality and most innovative spa products and services, guaranteed.

Another one of the many 5 star reviews called it a “miracle oil,” adding, “I am so happy I took a chance and tried this oil. It has a pleasant subtle smell, is not greasy or oily once applied, and has seriously changed my life. It absorbs quickly into my cuticles and I have not had any more raggedy dry edges.”

SImilar success stories about their 24 hour hydrated nails, and that dry patches of skin due to harsh sanitiser, were now baby soft again.  Chemotherapy patients has also responded in awe of this product, as it soothed symptoms that has resulted due to their cancer treatment.

“Honestly, I can’t rave enough how great it is at revamping and maintaining a manicure — even the shine on the nails themselves. And my cuticles can be really annoying but this keeps them moisturized and at bay until my next manicure,” a reviewer wrote.

During winter months, we see an increase with people who suffer from dry and cracked cuticles.  Instead of spending too much on expert-approved and expensive products, give Cuccio Milk and Honey Cuticle Oil a try.  It will save you a lot of money! 

“It’s a life changer!”Dasha Minina who practices as a nail technician told Instyle.  Read the article here.  She also shared the fact that it is available in both fragrance and fragrance free options.


As if Amazon’s hype isn’t enough, the Cuccio Cuticle Oil has made waves on the

Readers Digest

too.  The headline reading:

The 10 Best Cuticle Oils to Nourish and Strengthen


It is no secret, Cuccio was on it with the Milk and Honey Cuticle oil.  They make mention that the best hand creams is not efficient when it comes to dealing with our hands in the pandemic.  Yes, excessive hand washing causes dryness that not even the best hand creams can combat!. The best cuticle oils, on the other hand, can provide the necessary moisture and hydration to fix your nail problems—fast.




Your cuticles need love, too!