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Each bottle of Cuccio Colour™ contains Triple Pigmentation Technology that imparts true coverage in two coats with unmatched chip resistance and a brilliant high gloss finish.
Developed by professionals for a superior manicure and pedicure every time, Cuccio Colour™ is the perfect choice for all women to express their Love of Color.

It’s no secret that color choices are often reflective of personality and mood. Cuccio Colour™ allows women to express their sense of personal beauty and individuality with its diverse palette of

Over trendsetting colours!

Totally 80's Mixtape Collection

Calling all Super Freaks! Still Haven’t Found What You’re Looking or? Well, we’re kickin’ it ol’ skool with Cuccio Colour’s Totally 80’s Mixtape Neon Collection.

Don’t worry…Be happy with these 8 electric shades that will have you shouting I Want to Dance with Somebody, without any of the super big hair or tight spandex. So, pump up the volume of your colour style and start to Bust a Move with Cuccio.

Your Time To Shine Collection

The new Cuccio Colour Collection - Your Time to Shine - is an empowering and energizing palette of classic shimmers and glamourous glitters.

It embodies today’s unstoppable force of independent and fearless women who are leaning forward and transforming the world in real time and without delay. Is it your time to shine? We know it is

The typical product you will find in each Cuccio Colour Collection


Cuccio Colour™ Professional Nail Lacquer is formulated with Triple Pigmentation Technology for rich coverage in one coat and true coverage in two coats. For the Love of Colour™ contains no DBP or toluene.


Cuccio Colour Veneer LED/UV Nail Colour is a 100% polish-free, stabilized formula. No evaporation, thickening, hardening, or yellowing, guaranteed. Formulated with Triple Pigmentation Technology for complete color coverage in just two coats,


The Cuccio MatchMakers kit is available in several high fashion shades and includes a 13 mL Colour lacquer and 13 mL Colour Veneer gel polish in the same Colour.

Now you can also find the Cuccio Powder Polish is most of our Cuccio Colour Collections.

Look out for the Powder Polish jars with this sticker.  These powders are compatible with monomer which means it works as acrylic too!

Powder Polish

Utilizing cutting-edge technology, Cuccio Pro Powder Polish is an excellent alternative to gel polish for putting permanent color to the nails. Beautiful nails that last at least 14 days are produced using a carefully developed, medical-grade adhesive gel, a cutting-edge brush on activator, and extremely finely milled acrylic powders. Applying quickly and simply for maximum profit

Let your style roam free in a world of possibilities with the Cuccio Colour™ Imagine Collection. Join our fashion-forward sisterhood of deep muted pastels that know no limitations.

Some may say you are a dreamer, but rest assure YOU are not the only one! Just IMAGINE!

There is a colour
for every occassion!