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CUCCIO PRO - Brush On Builder - Workshop


This is a one-day course designed to teach you the skills of using Cuccio Brush on Builder with Calcium. Cuccio Pro Brush on Builder is a convenient brush on technique for filling, building, and shaping the natural nail. With added calcium, it will also assist in reinforcing and helping to strengthen weak and brittle nails, during wear.

Who is the course suitable for?

This 1-day Workshop is perfect for technicians with a gel polish certificate, looking to add strength & length for weaker nails and repairs, ease & speed.


A certificate in Gel polish is a must. Experienced tipping would be an advantage but not necessary.



What will you learn:

  • Science behind your chosen system
  • Sculpting application in short & long lengths & finishing with gel polish
  • Adhering a tip using brush on builder
  • Repairing a broken toe nail
  • Using Brush in builder with form-a-nail pop off forms
  • fast full set with full cover tips
  • Save removal

On the day of training you will receive a kit containing:

10 x Cuccio Forms
10 x Full Cover Tips
1 x Mini Prep
1 x Mini Fuse
1 x Mini Topcoat
1 x Cuccio Apron/mask

1 x Brush on Builder – Clear
1 x Brush on Builder – Colour
1 x Finishing wipe 120ml
1 x Lint free wipes
1 x Step by Step hand out
1 x Certificate

Remember to bring along your lamp and implements!

Do you want to add this to your scope?

Add strength and length to your client's nails and extra cash in your bank account!

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