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Cuccio Acrylic Nail Course for Beginners

The key to being a successful nail tech starts with accredited training at a nail training academy that is focused to provide you with product knowledge and teaching you the best application skills in the nail industry.

Cuccio Africa offers a 4-day acrylic nail extension course for beginners in the Beauty industry.

This course is to give individuals a true insight into the world of Acrylic nail technology, enabling you to understand how the nails and the products work. The course covers tip application; product application; how to maintain the nails and safe removal. Your educator will also spend the course helping you develop customer loyalty and what it is to be a nail technician as well as being competent at Acrylic nails.

The courses come with an essential two-week practice break where you are required to complete a minimum of 8 sets of acrylic nails and return to your educator with case studies so that you and your educator can work through any issues you may have had and your educator can constructively give you pointers on where you can improve moving forward.


The acrylic course includes 4 days of training as well as your kit to enhance natural nails into the best set of acrylic nails in the nail and beauty industry!


Who is the course suitable for?


Complete beginners wanting to learn the science and application of Acrylic nails

Pre-requisite: None 

During your Acrylic Nail Training Course you will learn:

Itinerary Day 1

  • Health and Safety
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Client consultation and contraindications
  • Tip application utilizing two techniques
  • Filing and shaping the nails

Itinerary Day 2

  • Complete overview of Acrylic – Liquid, and Powder as a system
  • Features and benefits of Acrylic as an artificial nail system
  • The science behind the system
  • Full practical demonstrations, working through how to pick up the perfect mix ratio
  • Full practical time allowed to master the new skill

Itinerary Day 3

  • Full troubleshooting session
  • Infill and maintenance procedures
  • Sculpting demonstrations
  • Whitetip application
  • Safe removal
  • Aftercare

Itinerary Day 4

  • Written and practical test
  • Marketing and business advice
  • Time allocated for a product demonstration of further Cuccio products.


1 x Acrylic Liquid – 120ml

1 x Acrylic Powder 30g- Clear

1 x Acrylic Powder 30g – White

1 x Acrylic Powder 30g – Pink

1 x Acrylic Colour Powder 15g

1 x Acrylic Brush

1 x Primer

1 x Cuccio Nail Forms

1 x Cuccio Apron/Mask

1 x Cuccio towel

1 x Cuccio Practice sheet

1 x Cuccio Carry Bag

1 x Training Manual

2 x Foam boards – 100/180 grit

2 x Foam boards – 240 grit

1 x Foam board – 80 grit


2 x Sanding blocks

1 x Mini Pack Ultra Form – 100 tips

1 x Mini Pack French – 100 tips

1 x Brush on Glue

1 x Sani Spray – 120ml

1 x Cuticle oil – 15ml

1 x Acetone 200ml

1 x Quick Dry top coat – 15ml

1 x Glass dampen dish

1 x Metal Cuticle Pusher

1 x Dusting Brush

1 x Cuticle Nipper

1 x Tip Cutter

1 x Birchwood sticks

1 x Nail wipes

1 x Cuccio Finishing wipe 120ml


PRICE: R6 100.00

Opting for a cheap nail course, offered by various nail trainers, might not be the solution you are looking for.  Many of the cheaper nail courses do not include your examination fee and/or your acrylic nail kit.  Unlike these nail training institutes, the Cuccio acrylic nail course fee includes a complete acrylic nail kit, four days' worth of professional training by a qualified Cuccio Educator, and your first examination fee!  The Cuccio Brand is internationally known and widely accepted.  


Take note:


1 Model needed – On Day 2 at 13:00

1 Model needed – On Day 4 at 09:00

Case Studies – 8


How do we compare with other cheap nail courses?

There are a lot of cheap nail courses available from various nail trainers, that might exclude your kit and be sub-standard.

Our acrylic nail course includes your 4-day class schedule as well as a full kit with a reputable brand backing you up!


  • All Educators have scheduled course dates. Students must attend a class every day during that specific period unless otherwise arranged with the mentor.
  • If a student cannot attend class or have to leave early, the written letter must be handed in.
  • Should a student fail to finish the course during the scheduled course dates, the student will have an additional 2 days to complete the course. Failure to complete the course in that period will result in a penalty of R450 per day, for every additional day.
  • Should a student fail any theory exam they will have to re-write the exam with an R100 penalty payable to the Educator.
  • Should the student not complete the hours of training in full and has decided to return for the scheduled practical examinations, the student will have to pay R100 per practical examination not passed.
  • ONLY CUCCIO products are allowed to be used during exams.
  • Should a student miss the practical examination dates, the student will have to pay a penalty of R100 per practical exam. Only a valid doctor’s note will be accepted as a valid excuse. 
  • However, when a student completed the required hours of training and does not pass the practical examination, no cost will be involved and the student will have to reschedule to do the practical examination again.
  • The student must complete the entire course and exams within the scheduled time of the chosen course start date. The student will have to attend a refresher course should the student not comply with this with a Fee of R500 a day payable to the Educator. 
  • The student will have to start with a new course with full fees payable if the student did not complete the practice exams within 2 months of the start date of initial enrolment. The student’s file will be closed at Head Office if the student did not complete the practical and theory exams.
  • The pass rate for exams is 75% Theory and 80% Practical.
  • Certificate costs are included in the course price. (You will only be charged if you request a reprint at a later stage) The cost will be R100 per reprint plus courier fees. Certificates will only be issued after completion of theory and practical examinations and only after head office receives All paperwork and case studies.
  • There is a 3-week waiting period from when Head Office receives the data from the Educator.
  • Students must be 16 years of age and older, and be able to understand, speak and write in the English language.
  • Students should be at the class at 09h00, as they will not be allowed into the classroom if they arrive late. The training ends at 16h30.
  • Items included in the kits cannot be exchanged.
  • No lunch is served, and it is advised that you bring your own refreshments.