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Cuccio Winter Coats

We can feel winter, can you?

There is definitely a reason why you have to love our South African winters.  Yes, our winters are of the most bearable in the world.  We seldom experience snow, and we can basically say there is a province for every person.  


Our nine provinces offer a variety of temperatures to choose from in winter.  If you are cold blooded, and prefer to hibernate through the winter, it is best to pack your bag and head to domestic departures at your nearest airport.  Destination:  Cape Town.  The Ceres Mountains often experiences snow. 


PS.  Remember your coat.  (Both fur and a coat of your favourite Cuccio shade)


If hibernation is not an option, and you are looking for the warmest spot, head down to the East Coast!  Thanks to the humidity, caused by the warm water of the Indian Ocean, Durban almost has perfect weather 365 days a year.    


For the rest of the country, Cuccio’s winter colours are so hot there is no need for gloves!  There is no need to be grumpy or  grab the nearest blanket and hibernate through this winter season, it’s time to fall in love!  

Winter Coats

We have all seen the newest trendiest coats in clothing outlets, and Winter 2022 sure seems as if will be one of the styli-est winters in history when it comes to coats. 

Have you seen these coats? 


Cuccio is not available in retail stores, but only from selected distributors.  You can count yourself lucky, right here you will find you favourite coat of Cuccio at the best price GUARANTEED.


If coats is a must, why not make it a coat of Cuccio?

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